Position: Senior Lecturer
Department: Community Health
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Nairobi
Telephone: 254-20-8710901/9 Ext 3768
Mobile: 0729 932 026
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Research focus

  • Socio-behavioural aspects of health and illness.
  • Behaviour change communication
  • Impacts of health interventions on communities

Conference Presentations

  • 2011: Maureen, K., Mwanzo I. and Mutuku, F: ITN ownership, use and maintenance behaviour since mass distribution camopaign in Coastal Kenya. Paper presented in a malaria conference in Nairobi, October 2011
  • 2006: Nyakundi, H., Mwanzo I, Mogere, S. and Yitambe, A: Needs and challenges for strengthening local research capacities for disaster reduction in communities in Western Kenya, Presentation made at forum in Cairo, Egypt, 29 Oct.- 2 Nov, 2006.
  • 2005: Seyoum, A., Mwanzo, I, Hassanali, A., Oloo, A and Sawa, P.Operational field studies for community-based malaria vector control using plant based mosquito repellents in Western Kenya, paper presented in Yaounde, Cameroon during malaria conference, Nov, 2005).
  • 2005: Mwanzo, I.-Health and HIV/AIDS: Critical issues to be considered for integration in the University Curriculum. Paper presented on 21.11.2005, during induction Workshop for departmental curriculum development coordinators, KU.
Recent publications
  • 2013: Zachary Kwena, Isaac Mwanzo, Chris Shisanya, Carol Camlin, Janet Turan, Lilian Achiro, Elizabeth Bukusi: Correlates of extramarital partnerships among women married to fishermen along Lake Victoria in Kisumu County, Kenya: PubMed
  • 2013: Francis M Mutuku, Maureen Khambira, Donal Bisanzio, Peter Mungai, Isaac Mwanzo, Eric M Muchiri, Charles H King and Uriel Kitron (2013) Physical condition and maintenance of mosquito bed nets in Kwale County, coastal Kenya Malaria Journal 2013, 12:46 doi:10.1186/1475-2875-12-46
  • 2013: Zachary A. Kwena, Carol S. Camlin, Chris A. Shisanya, Isaac Mwanzo, Elizabeth A. Bukusi (2013): Short-Term Mobility and the Risk of HIV Infection among Married Couples in the Fishing Communities along Lake Victoria, Kenya PLOS ONE | www.plosone.org 1 January 2013 | Volume 8 | Issue 1 | e54523
  • 2013: J. P. Oyore, I. J. Mwanzo, A. S. S. Orago and G. W. Odhiambo-Otieno (2013) Determinants of adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) among patients attending public and private health facilities in Nairobi, Kenya Journal of AIDS and HIV Research Vol. 4(x), pp. xxx-xxx, xxx 2012 Available online http://www.academicjournals.org/JAHR DOI: ISSN 2141-2359 ©2012 Academic Journals.
  • 2013; Joachim Osur, Alloys Orago, Isaac Mwanzo, Elizabeth Bukusi (2013) The age specific practices and outcomes in women undergoing unsafe abortions in rural communities of Kenya. Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences p-ISSN: 2078-0273 CrossRef DOI: 10.7813/jmbs.2013
  • 2011: Harrysone E Atieli1,2*, Guofa Zhou3, Ming-Chieh Lee3, Eliningaya J Kweka1,4, Yaw Afrane1, Isaac Mwanzo2, (2011)Topography as a modifier of breeding habitats and concurrent vulnerability to malaria risk in the western Kenya highlands; Parasites & Vectors 2011, 4:241 http://www.parasitesandvectors.com/content/4/
  • 2011: Harrysone Atieli, Guof Zhou, Yaw Afrane, Ming-chieh Lee, Isaac Mwanzo, Andrew Githeko and Guiyun Yan: Insecticide-treated net (ITN) ownership, usage and malaria transmission in the highlands of western Kenya, Parasites and Vectors, 4: 113.
  • 2010: Kamau, R, Mwanzo I., and Gikonyo, NK: The influence of genderrelated factors on access to antiretroviral therapy in Nairobi, Kenya; East and central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol.13 35-42
  • 2010: Yitambe, A, R. Manohar, M. Odwori and I. Mwanzo,: Investigating the informed consent in clinical practice in Kenya: Journal of Natcon, 22(2): 159-180.
  • 2010: Hellen Nyakundi, Stephen Mogere, Isaac Mwanzo and Andre Yitambe:m Community perceptions and response to flood risks in Nyando District, Western Kenya. Jamba Journal of disaster risk studies, Vol. 3, No. 1.
  • 2009: Mbiti, Elijah, Gikonyo N. Mbugi Janerd and Mwanzo Isaac: Adherence to artemether-lumefantrine (AL) in the treatment of malaria in children below five years in Embu District, Kenya: Kenya Nursing Journal,Vol. 38 No. 2.