margaret kerakaThe School of Public Health was established in March 2011 The pioneer class of students for Bsc Environmental Health and Master of Public Health and Epidemiology whose students joined in 2004/2005. During the restructuring of the programmes in the University, Master of Public Health and Epidemiology (MPHE) (from the School of Pure and Applied Sciences) was merged with Bsc Environmental Health (from the School of Environmental Sciences) from Department of Health sciences.

In 2009, the department of Health sciences grew into a school of Health sciences that consisted of the following departments: Public Health, Nursing, Pathology and preclinical medicine.

In 2011, the department of public health grew into a school that housed three departments: Environmental and Population Health, Health management and Informatics and Community Health.

In 2013 Department of Environmental and Population Health grew and was split to Environmental and Occupational health and, Population and Reproductive Health.

In 2018 the University restructured the programmes and departments. This resulted in the merger of the school of Public Health with the School of Applied Human sciences to form the School of Public Health and Applied Human Sciences. With the mergers the school of Public Health and Applied Human sciences had six departments: Population Reproductive Health and Community Resource Management, Environmental and Occupational Health, Health Management and Informatics and Community health, Physical Education and Exercise, Food Nutrition and Dietetics.

The training programmes in the school have been developed to achieve the university vision and mission. The mission of the school is in line with the University mission that aims to ensure development of health professionals who have relevant knowledge, skills and competencies through training and research required for the improvement of health in communities. The programmes also supports achievement of the sustainable development goals

Since the establishment of the School, a number of reviews have been carried out in the programmes offered in recognition of the need for training high level manpower in Public Health. The training programmes of the School have been developed to meet the University's mission of producing skilled and practical health professionals who will contribute towards the realization of the country's national goals laid out in the vision 2030 and the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The mission of the programmes is to facilitate enhancement of knowledge and confidence of health scientists Physical and Mental Health promotion and Disease, Injury, and Disability prevention through professional training, research discovery and communication. There is significant community involvement through the outreach programmes that enhance help to raise aspirations and support students to achieve their full potential.

The training at the school provides students with knowledge on public health required in professional practice, business, industry as well as service in local and central governments.  Since its establishment, the Faculty has maintained a distinctive character in contribution to the public health profession in Kenya and is one of the leading source of public health knowledge and skills in the country